The extremely long, so called land exchange court case, which received increased attention from the media, was settled with a ruling of the Supreme Court on 30 June 2014. Seven natural persons and 2 legal entities were prosecuted in this criminal matter. Among them was Einar Vettus, who during the entire process was defended by attorney at law and partner of Law Firm LEXTAL Üllar Talviste. The 203-page ruling of the Supreme Court revealed that the only person among the prosecuted to be discharged from criminal responsibility was Einar Vettus, with respect to whom the appeal in cassation was satisfied due to the expiry of the reasonable period of legislative proceedings. Vettus had been previously acquitted by the Harju County Court, but this ruling was annulled by the Tallinn Circuit Court. Law Firm LEXTAL had been involved in this criminal matter since 2006; attorney Oliver Nääs was also involved in the defence of Einar Vettus.

By Üllar Talviste & Oliver Nääs