In order to service the needs of clients that wish to operate beyond the borders of Europe, TELFA has forged an affiliation with the USLAW NETWORK ("USLAW").

USLAW is a international organisation comprised of 60 independent, full paractice firms  in 48 States throughout the USA, with more than 6.000  attorneys and also firms in Canada, Mexico, Chile and Argentina.

Membership of USLAW is by invitation only and is subject to a rigorous vetting process. Member firms are AV-rated by Martindale-Hubbell.

USLAW offers clients a real alternative to using either national or global US firms. USLAW's unique selling point is that they will have a trial attorney who not only knows the law, but also knows the judges in the particular county in which a client may face litigation or need commercial advice. This ability to provide highly localised advice at county level throughout the United States, gives their clients and TELFA clients which use their services an "edge" even against the best known global law firms operating in the USA.

Like TELFA, USLAW concentrates on building strong relationships with its clients and between the attorneys of its member firms.

This ethos also drives relationships between lawyers in the member firms of TELFA and USLAW; both organisations recognise the importance of their lawyers getting to know each other both professionally and socially. Both organisations want to be able to look a client in the eye and refer them to a lawyer  in a foreign jurisdiction whom they have met and spent time together with.

It is client relationships and service that are at the heart of both USLAW and TELFA.

In 2010 USLAW formed a cooperative affiliation with ALN (formerly African Legal Network), a close association of law firms in Central and East Africa.