Vukovic & Partners is a dynamic, ambitious and innovative law firm striving to build long term relationships with their clients in the environment of mutual trust and respect that will make this law firm your partner in law for years to come. Since the beginning, Vukovic & Partners have been developing its position in Serbia in accordance with the postulate that law office’s success depends on talent, skills and competence of individuals and their ability to work as a team dedicated to our shared vision.

Members of Vukovic & Partners team demonstrate and maintain the strictest personal and professional ethics at all times. Dedication to these principles has formed the basis of our commitment to our clients and the selection of our lawyers.
We tend to go beyond simply legal analysis and provide commercial solutions reflecting the clients’ needs. We strive to expand the spectrum of our practice area on a daily basis, following our main principle to always perceive the complexity of each situation so that every need of our clients is fulfilled. The complexity of service includes observing transactions through legal, commercial, tax and specific requirements of our clients' business, their needs and interests.

Vukovic & Partners Law firm core clients are business entities, to whom the law firm has provided full legal support in every legal aspect which occurred in their business activities, including involvement in all areas of commercial, corporate and M&A projects, as well as in setting up and managing employment issues and disputes. The firm was involved in major privatization projects in the mining and metal production industry, as well as in investment projects in various industries, including private-public partnerships in energy projects and fishery. The firm helped establish and set up the businesses of a significant amount of both foreign and domestic investors. Since its establishment, the law firm has provided representation and legal support to the business banks in Serbia, which was continued to portfolio management of nearly 10 banks. The banking and finance team has also provided legal expertise in consulting, providing due-diligence reports and drafting of all necessary documents for NPL’s purchases by the investment companies. Expertise and experience of the law firm extend to real estate and construction projects, as from consulting to property development, media law, competition, etc.

Number of professionals: 41

Dejan Vuković - Managing Partner

  • Transfer of personal data to the US in the light of EU rulings December 30, 2020
    The General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR), formally Regulation (EU) 2016/679, has served as the model for the Serbian Personal Data Protection Law. As such, rulings of EU bodies in this area are highly relevant for the application of national regulations, and have to date proven themselves to be a reliable basis for personal data controllers…
  • Misleading advertising and failures of due diligence December 21, 2020
    Businesses throughout Europe and globally are increasingly confronted with misleading advertising and a growing variety of phishing schemes, a form of cybercrime in which they are lured into disclosing sensitive information. There are many companies for which phishing is virtually a core activity and which use such advertising ploys to earn income in a way…
  • Access to finance of enterprises in the euro area in 2020 December 11, 2020
    In November 2020, the European Central Bank (ECB) published the findings of annual Survey on the Access to Finance of Enterprises in the euro area. The survey was conducted from 7 September to 16 October 2020, and, as in previous years, covered the period from April to September 2020. The total euro area sample size…
  • Sale of banks’ retail NPLs and personal (consumer) insolvency September 9, 2020
    "Much of this distressed debt is secured by personal guarantees of private individuals, which means that hundreds of thousands of Serbians are neither unable to service their personal debt nor have access to instruments that would allow them to resolve this issue efficiently and effectively." Click on the link below to read an article on…