TELFA member firms’ professionals are on a mission to provide consistent client service and flexibility.

For you as a legal service client, it means that you can have a single point of contact in your own jurisdiction who coordinates the engagement of lawyers throughout Europe and the US, or you can instruct one or more of the TELFA/USLAW member firms directly.

You will always feel comfortable with and assured in the service you receive. TELFA member firms ensure that you have continuity of contact and are not passed from one lawyer to another.

TELFA member firms’ clients benefit from the fact that its members share resources, knowledge, best practices and innovation strategies, while they are also sensitive to cultural and legal system differences. This allows them to provide consistent, understandable and practical advice relevant for each jurisdiction.

TELFA is not just a referrals network. The TELFA brand stands for personal service, facilitating your needs for advice in what may be unfamiliar jurisdictions and ensuring that you are assisted by renown and reliable law firms within each jurisdiction.

TELFA has also developed a portfolio of standardised products for international operations.