TELFA's objective of maintaining a network of independent law firms with a similar ethos of building relationships in order to serve each other and our clients more effectively, is achieved by recognising the importance of succession.

The TELFA brand is promoted within each member firm and younger lawyers are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunities that TELFA has to offer - for example, the chance to go and work in another member firm's office.

TELFA believes that the involvement of younger lawyers is very important because they:

  • have ideas, creativity and energy;
  • are the future partners/decision makers in their respective firms; and
  • are building their own network of contacts and so can be fantastic advocates for their firms and TELFA.

Contact between younger lawyers in member firms is actively promoted and TELFA has two conferences a year for its associates; these conferences being a mixture of education, knowhow, best practice and, of course, fun.