Two new members elected by the Telfa General Assembly to complete the network’s board of directors

During the Telfa General Assembly held on June 9th in Brussels, all Telfa board members were reelected: Karen Verkerk from Dirkzwager (Netherlands) - who is also Telfa president-, Tom Eivind Haug from Advokatfirmaet Sverdrup (Norway), Jasper Hagenberg from Buse Heberer Fromm (Germany), Aldona Leszczyńska-Mikulska from GWW(Poland), Emmanuel Kaeppelin from Delsol Avocats (France), Sébastien Popijn from CEW & Partners (Belgium) were all relected.


Besides, Alessandro Polettini from Legalitax (Italy) has also been elected as a new Telfa board member, as well as Lew Bricker as a non-executive board member in representation of USLAW Network, of which he is a board member and the former director.