Telfa Virtual Associates Meeting shows the strength of Telfa firms in the Renewable Energies industry!

Hosted by Dutch exclusive member firm Dirkzwager, the Telfa Virtual Associates Meeting gathered associates from most of the 26 jurisdictions covered by the alliance.


The event focused fully on Renewable energies, first from an astronaut point of view with an outstanding keynote speech from the Dutch astronaut André Kuipers, and then from a legal perspective, thanks to an exposition by Maarten Kole, partner at Dirkzwager, followed by a panel discussion with associates from several Telfa member firms on the specificities of clients coming from the renewable energies’ field.


The success of the event has proved that, in spite of the pandemic and the consequent impossibility to meet in person, the tights between Telfa member firms and their people are stronger than ever, and that the collaboration between them is going full swing.