TELFA Labour law group monthly meeting happening next Monday, June 20th.

Hello everyone!

Here is the link to join on June 20th at 2 PM CEST:

Meeting ID: 810 5347 9298
Passcode: 015061

During the meeting, we will all discuss together the questionnaire on employment law services and their prices. It will also be interesting to hear feedback from the TELFA meeting in Athens.
By the way, can you share any international employment law conferences that you recommend?

Some information:

Guide on whistleblowing laws in the EU

The complete guide comprises almost 150 pages on national whistleblowing laws in the EU, Switzerland and the UK, tips on fulfilling local whistleblowing requirements and implementing a whistleblowing system as well as a chapter on fostering a healthy speak-up culture.

BUSE information:

Have a good weekend and see you all on Monday!