For the second time, GWW published a selection of projects on which our team has advised throughout the year. A large part of our business is the ongoing service of our long-standing clients. However, this time we are focusing on specific projects that we will remember from 2022 particularly well. These include transactions, tax proceedings, relocations, and reorganizations such as:

  • Legal services for the organisation of both the Men's and Womens’s Volleyball World Championships 2022
  • Sale of ADOB company - Poland’s largest producer of foliar fertilisers and exporter to more than 80 countries worldwide - and chemical plants "Złotniki"  to Dutch speciality chemicals producer, Nouryon - a world leader in speciality chemicals
  • Creation of an international holding structure including a company in Luxembourg and a foundation in Liechtenstein
  • Sale of Alumetal shares - the second largest producer of aluminium casting alloys in Europe, with a production capacity of 275,000 tons per year – tax advice for major shareholder
  • Successes in vat carousel proceedings in the FMCG sector
  • Distribution of profits from a Slovak partnership by the end of 2014. with no taxation in Poland

Follow the link and find out what are GWW's 2022 work highlights:

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