There are 431 companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange and their total value exceeds PLN 1 trillion, of which PLN 570 billion can be attributed to domestic companies.
GWW is among the 10 most active tax advisory companies in this area, taking the ninth (advising 26 listed companies) place in Poland according to the Ranking of Tax Advisory Companies 2021 organized by the Rzeczpospolita daily.

What challenges listed and other companies can expect in the forthcoming years? Compliance with fiscal obligations is becoming an increasinly growing challenge. Fortunately for companies, more and more processes become automated.
- For example, there are programs that enable substantive verification of single audit files before sending them. Such solutions significantly accelerate and simplify the settlement process - emphasizes Artur Cmoch, tax advisor and managing partner at GWW. He adds that taxpayers inevitably need to digitize. Only with such modern changes will they be able to deal with challenges resulting from new regulations and an increasingly aggressive attitude of the tax authorities.