Minister Opstelten informed the Lower House of Parliament in his letter dated 19 September 2014 that a new tendering procedure would have to be started for the supply of police vehicles. The reason for this is that the previous tendering procedure was tainted by what in any event appeared to be an integrity violation.

Although the public prosecution department’s investigation is still ongoing, a decision must be taken before 1 October 2014 on renewing the current contract. While the Parliament had been informed earlier that a decision on this was linked to the results of the public prosecution department’s investigation into integrity violations in relation to the current tendering procedure, this dependency is no longer being maintained. The importance of the integrity of the police’s procurement function is the main concern here. A tendering procedure which has been tainted by the appearance of an integrity violation is no longer tenable. The public prosecution department’s investigation into the current tendering procedure is still ongoing at the moment. The public prosecution department has stated that a number of police officials are currently involved in the investigation. Where necessary, personnel measures have been or will be taken.


By Tom Oudenhoven