On 27 April 2016, the General Office of the State Council issued the Circular on Key Arrangements on Food Safety in 2016 (“Circular”), with immediate effect.

In the Circular, the State Council calls for measures and proposes 11 steps to improve food safety, including but not limited to improving the food safety surveillance and supervision systems.

According to the Circular, the State and local governments need to publish and implement the revised food safety law to establish a food safety risk surveillance system, in order to detect foodborne diseases, food contamination and other harmful factors in food. In addition, the State needs to establish a food safety traceability system to control the entire process of food production and operation. Food producers and traders need to take full responsibility for food safety management, and they should strengthen the training and know-how of their employees in the area of food safety.

The Circular mentions baby formula in specific, and calls for comprehensive inspection of the quality and safety of baby formula.

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