Until very recently any kind of advertising of legal services was totally prohibited. This prohibition was often infringed since lawyers and law firms were “publishing” their services in professional guides, directories and had sometimes impressive web pages. Article 6 of the recent Law 4038/2012 has lifted this restriction although to a limited extent thus allowing a very “limited” promotional activity to lawyers / law firms.
In particular, lawyers are allowed to “publicize” and promote their services only to the extent, which is compatible with the prestige and dignity of a lawyer … and only in form of entries to professional guides, newspapers and magazines with reference only to area of activity and educational titles.
Reference to cases and clients, success rates, comparison of prices, quality of services, as well as to client names without their consent are strictly forbidden.
Radio, TV and outdoor advertising are not allowed.
Lawyers are also not allowed to give press conferences or make press releases in relation to pending cases. Each lawyer and / or law firm, having a webpage is obliged to notify it to the local bar. Infringers are subject to fines up to 10.000 euro per infringement and in case of a second repeated infringement , the infringers’ license is temporary (2-6) revoked and the fines imposed may be doubled.

Kriton Metaxopoulos