Unfortunately, the economic crisis of the last decade has had many negative effects on the Spanish economy, and as a consequence,  many professional relationships have been biased by these difficulties. Contracts have been left unfulfilled, debts unpaid, goods undelivered, buildings unfinished, etc.

Adare - Litigation in SpainAs a result, many foreign service providers, suppliers and collaborators needing to litigate in Spain have been asking for some guidelines and an overview of the Spanish legal system in order to take the most appropriate decisions and understand when and how they can ask for justice to be served in Spain.

For macroeconomic reasons, such as the improvement of the country’s financial and social situation, and also domestic ones such as the drop of the controversial court fees some month ago, and the current process of digital transformation of the Spanish Justice, now seems to be the proper moment to go to Court and claim your dues.

Apart from its original Spanish version, Adarve Abogados has also decided to publish an English version because of all the non-Spanish speakers interested in litigation in Spain. The reader consulting this book, will not be in any doubt as to its obvious practical utility, achieved through a lucid and systematic treatment of the key features of the judicial process, but also the fields to which it is applicable, the phases established for each relief mechanism, the possible resources available to litigants and the enforcement mechanism for court decisions – definitive or not as the case may be – as well as interim relief measures or alternative means of dispute resolution.

If you are interested in obtaining the book, please contact us at info@adarve.com.