The Employment Law Group joins forces to provide advice and services on all aspects of Employment Law in the jurisdictions of its members like restructuring, TUPE, statutory insurances, pension schemes, protection of employers’ intellectual property and background checks.

Lawyers in the Employment Law Group aim to provide their services as a team to handle international projects and of course do provide specialized advice on individual domestic issues.

The group maintains strong links with the USLAW network and is well positioned to handle the European side of transatlantic projects and manage inbound US clients.

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  • Employers Seeing Increased I-9 Audits & Fines Under Trump Administration 14 septembre 2018
    Under the current administration, in FY17, businesses were ordered to pay $97.6 million in judicial forfeitures, fines and restitution, and $7.8 million in civil fines, including one company whose financial penalties represented the largest payment ever levied in an immigration case. “Under federal law, employers are required to verify the ...
  • Three Things about the Affordable Care Act Employers Need to Focus on Now 10 août 2018
    The Affordable Care Act (“ACA”) is alive and well, despite renewed legal challenges and the elimination of the “individual mandate” beginning next year. While the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act reduced the tax penalty for individuals who don’t have health coverage to $0, effective for 2019, employers continue to be ...