Dirkzwager is a highly regarded in the legal market. We are motivated legal and tax specialists who provide integrated services. Internal cooperation is key for us.

We are one of the largest firm of legal & tax experts In the Netherlands outside the Randstad and are in the top 15 of legal & tax services providers and top 4 of ‘Most Attractive Employers 2017’. Our culture is goal-oriented and serious, but certainly never boring or formal. This enables us to attract young, ambitious people, retain the knowledge we have amassed in house and put it to optimal use for our clients.

Creating knowledge and above all sharing knowledge plays a pivotal role in everything we do. It is part of the fabric of our firm. In doing so we give legal & tax services provision an added dimension which is indulgent in networking and exchange. This elevates our added value to a higher level. Our clients benefit from that. We are innovative, driven and focused on the future.

We immerse ourselves in relevant sectors and increase our insight daily into the markets in which our business relations operate. We are a professional and thorough sparring partner. We do not sit back and wait. We anticipate and proactively advise on changes that are relevant. That gives us and our clients a head start. Our focus is on quality and service provision. We are alert, self-aware and open. We have a large international network which helps us to share knowledge actively and anticipate developments. This not only wins us awards, it also assures us of satisfied clients.

Number of professionals: 133

Karen Verkerk

Being a member of TELFA, we can offer our clients the guarantee that all their international interests will be handled with all the expertise and quality possible. Moreover, it helps us showing our international profile as a firm

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  • Security rights and collateral in the Netherlands 27 mai 2019
    A lender will not provide a loan without security for its repayment. As security for the fulfilment of payment obligations, a lender requests security rights. Which security rights are commonly encountered in the Netherlands? When providing financing, a lender will identify certain risks. One major risk, of course, is the ...
  • Legislative bill to introduce UBO register 14 mai 2019
    From January 2020, UBOs of particular legal entities are obliged to register in the Dutch UBO register. This registration duty follows from the “Registration of Ultimate Beneficial Owners of Companies and other Legal Entities Implementation Act”, submitted to the House of Representatives on 4 April 2019. The legislative bill complies ...