With offices in Nijmegen and Arnhem and more than 260 staff members, Dirkzwager legal & tax has specialist legal knowledge in almost every area of the law. Besides up to date knowledge of legislation and case law, it also demonstrates good judgement of character and knowledge of the markets in which our clients operate.

We use our knowledge to serve our clients. We also share that knowledge, a feature that distinguishes us and benefits our clients. Clients who are supported by a lawyer with the latest professional knowledge are in a stronger position and need have no concerns. By actively sharing its knowledge, keeping you constantly updated during your case and providing clear explanations, Dirkzwager helps you become wiser. Which means that in future you can identify similar problems sooner and be better prepared, even in the temporary absence of your lawyer.


 Number of professionals: 120


Karen Verkerk - TELFA Link Partner

« Being a member of TELFA, we can offer our clients the guarantee that all their international interests will be handled with all the expertise and quality possible. Moreover, it helps us showing our international profile as a firm. »

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  • Budget Day 2018 21 septembre 2018
    On Tuesday 18 September 2018, Budget Day 2018, the Dutch Minister of Finance has published the Tax Plan 2019. Below the most important measures from an international perspective will be outlined. For the larger part, the Tax Plan 2019 contains measures which were already announced in the coalition agreement. In ...
  • The different types of agreement on the exchange of personal data 3 juillet 2018
    Many people think each exchange of personal data requires a processor’s agreement to be entered into. In a previous blog I have already explained that this is not the case. What arrangements must then be put in place? In this blog I will be investigating this issue further. Different forms ...