Founded in 1981, in Athens, CFG&A Law Firm has established a significant presence in Greece in various areas of law and jurisdictions, providing both advisory and dispute resolution services of high quality to its corporate and individual clientele.

Our Corporate Department, consisting of attorneys with recognized expertise, demonstrates high level of competence in the competitive and constantly developing field of Corporate Law and has been involved in very demanding domestic and cross-border transactions.

Our attorneys’ knowledge and experience continues to grow along with our clients’ needs and our firm is constantly adapting to new challenges. The core of our mentality while serving our clients, is actively supporting them by providing constant updates and understandable reports on the progress of their case. We strongly believe that building trust with our clients is important and ensures mutual positive long-term effects.


 Number of professionals: 12



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  • The new procedure of tele-hearing in Greek courtrooms 20 décembre 2013
    With a recent amendment of article 270 of the Civil Procedure Code, it has been provided for the first time that the court, at the request of the parties or ex officio, may order that parties and their attorneys perform all procedural acts during the hearing without being present in ...