Organization Lund Elmer Sandager is a full-service law firm dedicated to advising clients on business issues and businessrelated legislation. We primarily provide general guidance and counseling on business issues and business-related legislation. Our activities include advising clients in connection with mergers & acquisitions, company law, real estate, tenancy law, construction law, financing, employment law, contracts, agency and sole distributorship matters, shareholders’ agreements and insolvency law. 

Lund Elmer Sandager dates as far back as 1877 and as the result of a series of mergers (the latest in 2004) as well as organic growth, the firm has continued to increase in size and is considered among the major Danish law firms, with a current staff size of 90+, 35 of whom are attorneys. International Reach Lund Elmer Sandager has worked for international clients for many years. We therefore have a wide experience in international issues as well as thorough knowledge of such issues. Through this work that spans many years, we have established close personal relations with leading law firms throughout Europe.

Thus, we can also offer competent local legal counseling to any clients carrying on business or investing outside Denmark. Through our international network we offer competent local legal counseling in major European countries and our contacts of course also include the vast network of USLAW. Our Clients Our client base is comprehensive, spanning many categories such as small sole traders, large individual proprietorships and family businesses, as well as listed companies and international groups.


 Number of professionals: 35

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    Until now, many doubts have arisen about the lawfulness and the regulation of crowdfunding in Denmark. Especially regulation of the platforms, which contribute and assist the companies in raising capital towards a funding target, have raised many unanswered questions. However, the Danish Ministry of Business and Growth’s report from May ...