International law firms’ alliance TELFA appoints a new board member and selects a VP

TELFA Annual general meeting 2023 successfully took place last week in Brussels.

The General Assembly of the Trans European Association has elected Tom Eivind Haug as the new Vice President of the network, in order to support the excellent work carried out by the current TELFA President and Chairwoman of the board, Karen Verkerk. Andrea Rescigno has also been voted as a new member of the TELFA board, elected for an initial period of two years. Andrea Rescigno has already been serving as a cochair of the TELFA Corporate Practice group for some years. Based in Milan, he is the President of the Management Committee at Legalitax, TELFA member firm in Italy.

Apart from the already mentioned chairwoman Karen Verkerk - from TELFA Dutch member firm Dirkzwager -, vice chairman Tom Eivind Haug - from TELFA Norwegian member firm Berngaard - and the newly elected Andrea Rescigno, TELFA’s board of directors is currently also constituted by Aldona Leszczyńska-Mikulska, from TELFA member firm in Poland GWW, Jasper Hagenberg from TELFA member firm in Germany BUSE, Sébastien Popijn from TELFA Belgian member firm CEW & Partners, and by Emmanuel Kaeppelin, from TELFA French member firm Delsol.

Following the approval of the official accounts and budget, a recap was also made for the activities carried out and the referrals made between TELFA member firms for the past year, and the activities planned for 2023 were exposed, as well as a presentation of the design sprint carried out by the TELFA marketing team and part of the TELFA board. Several new projects were launched, such as a professionals’ exchange program to promote international mobility and knowledge between TELFA member firms across Europe.