The impact of the stricter measures in the Netherlands against the spread of the coronavirus is great for companies and organizations. There are undoubtedly many questions about the legal consequences of the coronavirus. Dirkzwager has drawn up a team of experts in response to the Corona crisis in the Netherlands. This team is made up of experts from different jurisdictions. They follow developments in the Netherlands closely and translate these developments into Dutch legal articles and content relevant to our target group. These articles are published (in Dutch) on the knowledge portal about the coronavirus:

The following Dirkzwager experts are active in the Corona Crisis Team and can help you with any question regarding the Dutch legal consequences due to the Corona crisis:

Buby den Heeten                           -             Employment Law

Mark Jansen                                    -             Intellectual Property and IT law

Karin Harmsen                                -             Corporate Law

Lex van Noordenburg                    -             Taks advise

Joske Hagelaars                              -             Government and real estate

Marieke Kok                                    -             Government and real estate

Maartje ter Horst                           -             Corporate Law

Luuk Arends                                     -             Health Law

Chantal van den Borne                 -             Banking & Finance

Selma van Ramele                         -             Corporate Law

Nynke Brouwer                              -             Liability, losses and insurance

Ineke Meuwese                              -             Private law and Family law